Kaspersky Lab White List Program

In response to the ever-increasing amount of malware on public networks, Kaspersky Lab has initiated a program to create a knowledge database of all available trusted software.

Users and software providers both suffer when non-malicious programs are wrongly flagged as malicious by anti-virus applications (more commonly known as false positive detections). The Kaspersky Lab White List database will provide a solution to the problem.

The program goals

  • To reduce the risk of a Partner's software being wrongly classified as malicious - known as false positive detections;
  • To ensure a positive experience for users when they download and use Partner's and Kaspersky Lab software;
  • To significantly reduce the load placed on the support services of both the Partner and Kaspersky Lab;


  • Verified compatibility with the actual configurations of antivirus protection offered by Kaspersky Lab;
  • Reduced risk of false alarms generated by antivirus protection in the event of non-standard behavior of the Partner’s software;
  • Independent 3rd party SW expertise provided by Kaspersky Lab – a leader in the of anti-virus defense area and information security;
  • The participation in the program is free-of-charge;

Registration is available for software vendors, developers, providers, online stores and downloads portals interested in proactive solution of false positive detections today, or in the future

mark may be an additional sign of the clean software scanned by Kaspersky lab which brings you even more confidence from your users.